Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Brave Tailor

 I think this will be the final character design...mostly. I think the king still needs some work.
The very first sketches I did for this assignment. When I read the story, I thought the tailor seemed nonplussed about everything, cocky even. The guy made a belt to celebrate killing seven flies. After some thought, I decided he should be less confident and more of an accidental hero.

The king needed to be nervous and shifty.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jazzy Ground Vehicle

 Vera is a bio-mechanic and a survivor of  the latest incarnation of the World War. She created this tank from the scraps of discarded military vehicles. Biological weapons have created cannibalistic human creatures.  She travels the countryside with her caracal companion, Zenthan, looking for a cure for this disease. The world is still a war torn volatile place. Not every survivor is friendly, as they find out. In one particular confrontation, Zenthan loses his leg. Vera is able to create an artificial leg.

I learned I am not particularly good at drawing animals. So here's a cat I drew to practice animals:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Costumes in Past, Present, Future

Assignment was to create an Indian warrior in past, present and in future costume, in addition to a Halloween costume for him/her.

Al Sid is based heavily on the clothing of the Sikhs. I think the past and present costumes pretty much explain themselves. The idea behind the future costume is that through people trying to create "equality", they've banned turbans and other head coverings. Everyone wears a uniform, so no one is special. In place of a sword, he has a chess piece pin.
Overall, Al Sid is an easygoing pacifist who enjoys fun (as seen by the banana costume).

Sunday, October 7, 2012


She comes from the future, after the people of Earth have traveled to other planetary systems. Earth still has separate countries, but with the number of alien travelers, the governments of Earth set up global laws and set a special task force to enforce them. Lola does not claim allegiance to any one country on Earth, but her position allows her to enter any of the countries that support the GPF (and the Moon, where the GPF base is located). Most of her time is spent in Earth's outer atmosphere (space). She takes care of anything from speeding to unauthorized entry into Earthspace. She does not enforce the laws of specific countries, as it would be impossible to remember and stay updated on them. Interspatially, there is an unwritten agreement that the upholders of the law wear black and white checks and navy blue.

And of course, the reference photos: